14 thoughts on “So Long, Good Friend

  1. So sorry for your loss. Saying goodbye to a beloved friend and family pet is the hardest thing to do. Willie was a very handsome boy, his good spirit shines out of his eyes. My condolences.


  2. The end is inevitable, it’s what we do with the time before then that matters. Your photos tell the story of a life well lived. It never stops hurting, but it never stops being worth it. Sorry for your loss.


  3. I am so sorry for your loss, there is nothing that can make it better. . . just time. Never forget the happy moments, and thank you for sharing your angel’s life with us here.


  4. To a kindred spirit, Willie.
    A life and job well done! You graciously endowed your human with life and dog knowledge that he is using to help other humans and dogs. Now, if I can only teach just a few of those things to my slow witted, hard headed human, I will be happy pup. See you in doggie heaven–maybe we can run agility courses in tandem!! Sully


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