Late Night Success

Second time’s the charm. I couldn’t get the first casting out of the plaster cradle I made to hold the mold without breaking off an ear and the tongue, but after some modification to the cradle, this one turned out fine. Note the biscuit above his head that will be attached to his nose.


I finally finished my new molds. This is a Plaster of Paris casting straight from the mold before any clean up. This is the first casting from the mold. I call this one the Panting Pug. Once it finishes curing I’ll paint it. I’ll also make a casting out of concrete to sit outside in the garden. Of all of the pug sculptures, this one looks most like a gargoyle to me, or a pugoyle, as people have called them.

Labrador with a Biscuit Statue

The last couple of Lab sculptures I made leaned toward realism so I felt like cutting loose with this one. It’s a work in progress. I need to let it sit for a bit while I decide what needs to be tweaked before smoothing out all of the tool marks.

I’ve also noticed that when casting in concrete as opposed to painting them with acrylics, much of the facial expression is revealed by the shadows the creases and wrinkles cast.