I Am Looking For Fiction Suggestions

I was in the children’s book section of Barnes & Noble the other day looking for some examples of Boy and his Dog stories where the two of them have conversations with each other like I’ve been writing in the Negotiations with Cookies series. I was looking for actual dialogue between human and dog and not just stories told from the perspective of the dog.

Even with the help of the person running the kid’s book section, who was well informed on past and current fiction offerings, I came up empty handed.

So I ask, do you know of any good examples of stories with dialogue between a human and their dog? Or any animal really.

7 thoughts on “I Am Looking For Fiction Suggestions

  1. Nose down, Eyes up. by Merrill Markoe.
    Is it wrong that I knew one instantly? There are plenty of others that feature animals being able to talk with humans. Hary H Herbet has a series on horses that can do it. Robin Hobb has her wit magic that allows the user to speak with animals, ect.

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