Negotiating with Cookies – Stuck in the Mud

“Raud, I think you’re stuck in the mud,” Fleegle says.

“Why do you say that?”

“We need to do something new.”

“Don’t you like what you do everyday?”

“I like rolling in mud so much I could never get stuck. It’s you we’re talking about. You need to do something new. You seem bored, lacking excitement.”

“It’s just the winter doldrums.”


“The blahs.”

“You don’t see me getting the blahs just because it’s cold and wet outside.”

“No, you’re impervious to weather related mood swings.”

“Ooo, a swing. I’ve never been on a swing. They look like fun. Maybe you should do that, go for a swing? I’ll push you, and then we can trade and you can push me. It’ll be just like flying in Fleegle World.”

“You remember your dreams?”

“Of course. Don’t you?”

“I can still taste the fur in my mouth.”

“You have to fly really high to get over the Chocolate Rockies. That mountainous tail whacked you in the head so hard it knocked you clear out of the dream.”


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