Negotiating with Cookies – Lunch

“Raud, it’s time to eat lunch,” Fleegle announces from his co-pilot seat in the car.

“I know, but we’re running late so we’re going to skip lunch today.”

“Skip lunch? What do you mean skip lunch?”

“You know that trick where you hold the cookie on your nose but don’t get to eat it?”

“I hate that trick,” he says quietly.

“That’s sort of like skipping lunch.”

“I don’t know how to do that trick.”

“Ha. You’re drooling now just thinking of having that cookie on your nose.”

Fleegle looks forlornly out the window. “I don’t put cookies on your nose.”


Fleegle’s stomach grumbles. “Raud, it’s time to eat. Please put my lunch on my nose.”


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