Negotiating with Cookies – “Fleegle, Stay Still.”

“Whatcha doing, Raud?” Fleegle asks me as I sit at my desk.

“Trying to draw a picture of you. Stay still.”

“How can I stay still when we haven’t played fetch yet today?”

“Good point. Go get your ball.”

*   *   *

“Oh, this’ll be good,” I say as I sit back down to draw Fleegle, now covered in grass and dirt. “I’ll be sure to draw that mud on your nose. Stay still.”

“How can I stay still when I’m so hungry after doing all that running? It’s got to be lunchtime somewhere in the world.”

I glance at the clock. “Close enough. Let’s go fill your bowl.”

*   *   *

Back in the den, I pick up my pencil and say, “Fleegle, stay still.”

“How can I stay still when I have to take care of my bathroom business after eating?”

“True. Let’s step into the backyard.”

*   *   *

When we return inside, Fleegle stretches out on the den couch to take a food nap and sighs with contentment. “Okay, I can be still now,” he says and closes his eyes.

It’s not long before he’s asleep and I begin to draw, but soon his legs begin to twitch in his dreams. They move as much as they do when he’s awake and running after the ball. I add little squiggly lines around the legs I’ve drawn, signifying movement, and title the sketch, “Fleegle Runs in Fleegle World.”


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