Negotiating with Cookies – Gators

I arrive home after taking the car to the tire shop for new tires, something Fleegle had to stay home for. The guys at the shop frowned on the idea of a bouncing Lab inside the car while it was up on the jack and they were underneath it.

“Is it time yet?” Fleegle asks as I step through the door.

“Time for what?”

“You know.”

“No, I don’t,” I say.

“You forgot? How could you forget?”

I scratch my head. “Apparently, pretty easily.”

“I can’t believe you forgot. I’m so disappointed.”

“Tell me what it is that I forgot and I’ll try to make it up to you.”

“When you left you said we’d go see the alligators. I’ve never seen an alligator and spent the whole time you were away thinking how much fun it was going to be to see them.”

“Fleegle, I said, ‘See you later, alligator.’”

“Exactly, so can we go see them now?”


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