Negotiating with Cookies – The Shoes Make the Dog

After I finish showering and getting dressed, I sit down to put on my shoes.

Fleegle carries over one of my running shoes and drops it at my feet. “Put this one on,” he says, then carries over a hiking boot and drops it next to the running shoe. “And this one.”

I look down at the two mismatched shoes, both lefties. “Why?”

“Because I want to go running, and when I get tired, I want to hike through the woods looking for a good stick to chew.”

I push the running shoe and hiking boot aside and reach for my cowboy boots.

“Not those, Raud,” Fleegle whines. “Standing around and posing is so boring. Have you even met a horse? They’re so big, if you’re not careful they can poop on your head.”

I reach for my hat, a silver belly rancher. “I think I’ll wear my hat too.” I get it positioned on my head just right, stand and look down at Fleegle. “Maybe we could trade in your walking harness and leash for a horse halter and lead rope.”

“Some big macho cowboy you’ll be with his little chocolate pony.”


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