Negotiating with Cookies – Matchmaker

“Raud, I think you should date a massage therapist,” Fleegle says.

“The last thing someone wants to do in their off time is more of what they do for work.”

“That would explain my limited training. I can blame that on you then?”

“Yep. Me and the lure of the couch.”

“And the television.”

“Most definitely the television. And sugar cravings which lead to sugar crashes.”

“On the couch,” he says.


“So if we got rid of sugar, television and the couch, I’d be a lot better trained?”

“Yep, among other things.”

“Then I think you should date a dietician. Your logic says they live on macaroni and cheese and burgers all week long.”

“So you don’t mind being minimally trained?”

Fleegle smiles. “Let me put it this way, Raud. I may be minimally trained, but you certainly aren’t. Should I get your leash for you now?”

“Yes, please.”


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