Negotiating with Cookies – Fleegle the Mommy

“You don’t think it’s too warm do you?” Fleegle asks, nudging the baby chicken in its cardboard corral under the heat lamp. We took an emergency trip to Aloha Seed and Feed and came home with their chicken starter kit.

“The book says 90 degrees and that’s what the thermometer reads.”

“Are you sure the food you got is tasty enough? Seems a little bland to me.” Crumbs are still stuck to his lips even after repeated lickings of his chops.

“Chickie Puffs are made specifically for chicks its age. Both its food and water are in special dishes to keep them clean and poop free.”

“More pine shavings for the floor then?”

“Fleegle, your chicken is just fine. Go eat your breakfast now. You’ve left it sitting out untouched all morning.”

“I can’t leave my chicken. Do you think you could move my bowl in here?”

A dog with a bone, a Fleegle with a chicken. I give in and move his food.

“And my water too, please.”


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