Negotiating with Cookies – Let’s Play Catch

Fleegle is captivated watching a man talk to a woman companion at the dog park. “Look at that man talk while he eats. I can see him mash the raisins on his cookie between words. Boy, he’s losing a lot of food out of the side of his mouth. Let’s go stand by him.”

“No thanks. I was taught to chew my food with my mouth closed and only speak after I swallowed.”

“That’s very sensible of you, Raud, he’s only sharing his cookie in his own way. Instead of offering a piece of it to his friend, he’s spitting crumbs at her. Looks like a fun game. Will you spit crumbs at me?”

“No. That’s disgusting.”

“Raud, you need to loosen up and learn to laugh, especially when your mouth is full of food.”

“Like full of lima beans and broccoli?”

“Oh no, not broccoli, pizza, you could spit pepperoni slices at me. But that’s for later. You could start now with getting yourself a raisin cookie like that man.” His ears perk up as he glances over at him. “Ooo, did you see that? He just hit her in the forehead with a raisin. She needs to work on her catch. I totally would’ve gotten that.”


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