Negotiating with Cookies – Lists

“Whatcha doing, Raud?” Fleegle asks as he ambles into the kitchen.

“I’m making a grocery list for the store.”

“Are cookies on it? Make sure they are. We can never have enough cookies.”

“Yes, cookies are on it.”

“Put cookies on it again. That way you’ll get twice as much.”

“Here, I’ll put it on the list three times. How’s that suit you?”

“You’re the best, Raud. What else is on the list?”


“Ooo, I like bananas, put that down a few times too.”

I humor him and do. “I also have bar soap and shampoo on the list.”

“For you or for me?”


“Then that’s okay, but you only need it on the list once. If you get too much shampoo you might start thinking of using it on me.”

*   *   *

Later while on our walk, Fleegle pauses to lift his leg on a tree, then moves a fraction and lifts on another spot, and then a third and fourth spot, all on the same tree.

Eager to get on with our walk, I ask, “Fleegle, what are you doing?”

“Making a list.”

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