Negotiating with Cookies – Procrastination

I’m in the kitchen fixing something to eat as I often do when procrastinating house projects when Fleegle walks in from the backyard.

“Whatcha fixing, Raud?”

“A sandwich.”

He wags his tail. “Ooo, what kind?”

“Peanut butter.”

He moves closer to my side. “With coconut oil and honey?”


He nose bumps my leg. “Can I have a spoonful of coconut oil?”

“Sure.” I give him one.

He slicks his whiskers back with his tongue. “Are you going to make a fruit smoothie to go with that sandwich?”

“I hadn’t planned to.”

He looks up at the ceiling. “That roof is covered with pine needles and the gutters are full of them too. Cleaning that up is a big job. It might take all afternoon.”

He has a point. “I better have that smoothie too,” I say and get fruit out of the fridge.

Fleegle nose bumps my leg. “I’d like a strawberry, please.”


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One thought on “Negotiating with Cookies – Procrastination

  1. Fleegle and fruit smoothies… Fleegle has the right idea, the pine needles can wait, a fruit smoothie and a strawberry first please 🙂


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