Negotiating with Cookies Collection in Paperback

NWC-cover-for-blog-postI went through all of the Negotiating with Cookies posts, tightened them up, corrected a few typos, and gathered them into a collection. This is the cover. On the back of the book the text reads:

Fleegle is man’s best friend, and his owner, Raud, who fancies himself a dog trainer, thinks he’s making great progress with Fleegle’s training, but Fleegle knows the true scoop on who is really being trained. Lucky for Raud, Fleegle just happens to be one of the best people trainers around.

Does that descriptions capture the series about right? I’ve always found writing book description blurbs challenging.

Negotiating with Cookies: A Collection of Short Shorts available on Amazon.

Chapter one – Stinky Butt

2 thoughts on “Negotiating with Cookies Collection in Paperback

  1. 🙂 Fleegle the chocolate lab is witty, inspired, and entirely canine. Raud is a clueless human who fancies himself a dog trainer. Together, they negotiate through life, each convinced they are on the steering end of the leash. Fleegle, unhindered by normal canine boundaries tells the tail of their adventure. His words and actions are exactly what you would expect from a lab. Confident, fun, and friendly.

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