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So I need to come up with a sales price for the pug tea light holders I’m making. This is the first one I’ve finished that’s ready to go. It is 6 inches wide by 5 inches deep by 4 inches tall. So if you were shopping for this type of item what would you expect to pay for it? I’m terrible at putting dollar values on things and would appreciate any suggestions.

6 thoughts on “Pricing Help

  1. This is a tough one to answer since I’m not sure of the cost of raw materials nor the total number of hours that go into each pug. If you are looking to see to an “everyman” customer, I would guess $30-$40 per pug (not including shipping and handling). If it s a boutique item, you could go considerably higher.

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  2. As an “everyman”, I would find the $30-40 range reasonable and do-able. For tax purposes, check into “COST OF GOODS SOLD” and “COST OF GOODS MANUFACTURED”. That may help you get a handle on your production costs so you can factor it into your price structure. Also check out comparable custom made sculptures online and what retailers are selling their tealight holders for. Pricing is a combination of science and art. I wish you great success. Keep creating.

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