4 thoughts on “The Concrete Pug Family

    1. Yes, but I’m making a new mold for the one second from the left today. I needed to change the tongue and ears to make them stronger. I kept breaking them when taking them out of the mold. Concrete takes longer to cure and grow strong than I initially realized, so that could be part of the problem when it comes to broken ears. But I like the new sculpture better anyway. And I need to redo the little one second from the right because the details get muddied when casting. It needs more definition, slightly larger nostrils for it to work right. It’s an easy fix. I wish he was slightly larger, so I might make another, larger one. Ultimately, it would be good to have about at least eight different pugs to choose from.


  1. How cool… They all look great and especially all together like that… The pug gang all sitting together on the wall in the backyard… Makes me smile… It’s like Cool and the Gang but rather Pug and the Gang 😊 x

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