"Are you awake yet?"
“Are you awake yet?”

When Hank fell asleep to the sound of Goober, his dog, snoring next to him, he dreamed Goober had become a man and he was now his dog. Goober was a particularly good dog owner because he still remembered what it was like to be a dog even though he was now a man. Hank looked up to him like he was the greatest being on earth, especially since he was feeding him the most delicious snacks he’d ever tasted, even tastier than the ribs at his favorite barbeque joint.

When Hank woke from the dream, Goober was laying next to him, waiting for his eyes to open, and when they did, his tail went thump-thump against the bedspread. It always made Hank smile at how Goober would wag his tail at the smallest things, but this morning it made him take him for a run along the river where there were countless stinky things for Goober to stick his snout in, and afterward he planned to cook up a big breakfast of bacon and eggs for both of them. Goober would love that.

Hank remembered eating something in his dream and thinking he’d love to have that for breakfast, but he couldn’t remember what it was though he wracked his brain to remember as he jogged. Even if they were dog biscuits he’d buy them and try them.

*   *   *

While Goober had been asleep, he dreamed that he’d become a man and that Hank was now his pet. He cooked up some bacon and gave bits of it to Hank, fascinated by how much Hank drooled for the stuff. He had never paid much attention to it while a dog. When he offered Hank a carrot, he only got about an inch of drool, but when he offered bacon, one strand almost made it to the floor before joining the small pool on the tiles.

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