12 thoughts on “Dog Art?

      1. Have you ever worked with Fimo? It is a polymer clay that you bake in the oven. it is awesome stuff.
        Let me know if you want information and I will walk you through the process on how to condition and what to use to do so and any questions you have… You are really good and I am not saying that for flattery.


      2. I haven’t worked with a kiln but I do work with Polymer clay. When you use a kiln you have to paint and I have never been good with painting. Polymer clay comes in a vast amount of color and you can mix it to make other colors. The differece between scuplty and fimo is sculpty is the more brittle of the two products. if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer.


      3. I haven’t used polymer clay but it sounds like something I’d like to test out. I made the dog’s head out of a self-hardening clay called Boneware. It is taking forever to dry. It’s only now, after more than a week, showing signs around the ears of drying.

        The reason I ask about the kiln is because I’m interested in using glazes. We’ll see.

        Thank you for the polymer suggestion. I will try some. I’ll see if my local Utrecht carries it.


      4. Fimo comes in little blocks. to condition it I cut up the clay into little bitty pieces, put it a baggy, and place it in the micro for about 5-7 seconds to warm it up a bit. Careful though if you microwave it you don’t want it hot!
        Then roll and roll and roll!


  1. I like! I haven’t used self-hardening but I enjoy working with polymer clay. If you lived near me I have a never used kiln I could make you a deal on – I was going to use for glass and ceramics but things have changed for me.
    I think you have a great deal of talent and since I love dogs, that makes your art even more special to view.


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