Negotiating with Cookies – Fleegle Delivers the Mail

“Raud, can we go for a walk?”

Rain taps against the den window. “When it stops raining.”

“Let’s go now. You can wear a hat. You like hats.”

“If you need to pee, use your yard.”

“But I want to pee in someone else’s yard.”

*   *   *

After the rain passes, we go for a walk around the neighborhood. Fleegle stops to lift his leg on the post of yet another mail box. A dog barks at us from the picture window of the house the box belongs to, slobber marks all over the glass.

I say, “That’s the fourth box you’ve tagged.”

Fleegle continues to pee as he watches the dog in the window go crazy. “I know, ain’t it fun. Just wait until I go poopers on his lawn.”


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