Negotiating with Cookies – Shiny Bowl

When Fleegle finishes his dinner he keeps licking his bowl, and licking and licking.

“Fleegle, that bowl looks pretty empty. You ate it all, pal.”

“I know, but there might be more, maybe I missed some.”

I take the garbage out and when I return he is still licking his bowl. “Fleegle, stop obsessing on your bowl.”

“I’m not. I’m polishing it. A shiny bowl is a happy bowl. It’s like meditation for dogs.”

“I thought that was what chewing on sticks was for.”

“Nah, chewing on cats is what we do when we–”

“Don’t you mean chewing on sticks?”

“Oops, did I say cats?”


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One thought on “Negotiating with Cookies – Shiny Bowl

  1. A shiny bowl is a happy bowl 😊 A happy bowl is a happy dog. A happy dog is Fleegle. A happy Fleegle makes me smile. Fleegle makes all of us smile !!

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