Negotiating with Cookies – Two-seater

“Look at that car, Raud, it only has two seats. One for you and one for me,” Fleegle says as we walk passed a little red convertible with the top down. “And someone stole the top.”

“It’s not stolen, just folded back,” I say.

“Ooo, I like that. Does the top on our car do that?”

“A convertible Element? That’s a thought, but sadly, no it doesn’t.”

“I think we should get a little read car with no top and two seats.”

“What if it rains? This is Portland, though this drought makes it feel otherwise.”

“I’m a Labrador, Raud, what do I care if it rains.”

“What if we get another dog? Where would she sit?”

“We’re getting another dog? Oh boy, are we doing that today? Let’s get a yellow Lab. I love blonds.”

“Fleegle, I said, what if .”

“What if what, Raud? What if they don’t have any blonds? Don’t worry, I’m sure they will. We’ll have to come up with a name, unless you’re already set on something. Is there a female version of my name, like Fleegle-la-la?”

“Princess Fleegle?”

“Call her that and she might start thinking she’s better than us.”

“Zoe, Sadie, Daisy, you know two or three of each of those. We’ll have to come up with something original, but what am I thinking, I said what if.”

“I think you should forgo the little red car with no top and two seats, because with me and Fleegle-la-la in it there won’t be any room left for you. But you could always get her and me a self-driving car. We might want some privacy.”

“I wonder where the navigation computer will take you when you say, ‘Woof-woof.’”


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3 thoughts on “Negotiating with Cookies – Two-seater

  1. Fleegle is so sweet 😊 What a wee charmer. I look forward to hearing all about Fleegle and his new Princess should he get his way and their adventures together using the sat-nav going to the far away land of Woof Woof. How exciting 🌟

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