Negotiating with Cookies – How About a Pug, Fleegle?

“So have you finished thinking about what breed to get so we can get on with it?” Fleegle asks.

“You mean, what kind of puppy we should get?” I ask.

“A dog puppy, of course. It’s not like there are cat puppies.”

“No, I mean what breed of puppy should we get. I’m thinking about a pug.”

“Well, you keep on thinking about thinking on that one,” Fleegle says.

“Why? Don’t you like pugs?”

“I love pugs, but have you ever seen one clean its butt?”

“Um, no.”

“Exactly. I’m not sure they can reach it with their round little bodies and big bellies, and I don’t want to live with a dog nicknamed Stinky Butt, and you know how highly I value good grooming.”

“So that’s what you call all that loud goobering on yourself you do at 3AM.”

“Did I mention they snore? I’m a mouse in comparison.”


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One thought on “Negotiating with Cookies – How About a Pug, Fleegle?

  1. Fleegle is so cute !! Sounds like he is soon to be Big Brother Fleegle !! How exciting !! The Home Security Family is growing. How fun 🙂

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