Negotiating with Cookies – GSD?

“Are you still thinking about it?” Fleegle asks.

“I was thinking about a German Shepherd,” I say.

“I don’t think the UPS guy would like that and you need to keep the UPS guy happy because he brings me fun stuff. Same goes for the mailman and woman. They carry biscuits.”

“But I love German Shepherds. They’re really smart.”

“And you’re going to look really smart behind your new vacuum cleaner that you’ll have to get to stay on top of the shedding. They’re not called German Shedders for nothing.”


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2 thoughts on “Negotiating with Cookies – GSD?

  1. If Fleegle is accepting nominations from the public, I’d like to vote for a shepherd. Any kind of shepherd, really. I think a shepherd puppy would really keep Fleegle on his cute little toes.

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