Chapter 4 – Bedtime, Or Not

I finish brushing my teeth, then climb under the bed’s covers. Fleegle is curled up on his pillow next to mine and Franny sits at the end of the bed mouthing the old rope toy she’s found. She stops chewing on it to watch me get comfortable and warm. It’s a cold night and I turned the heat off an hour ago.

“Whatcha doing?” she asks.

“Going to bed to sleep.”

“For how long?”

“Until morning.”

She stand up. “Do I get a biscuit if I pee on the bed while you’re sleeping?”


“What if I wake you up and show you where I peed? Do I get one then?”

“Pee only gets you biscuits when you do it outside.”

The way she’s standing makes her look like she’s thinking of squatting. “That’s not fair,” she says. “I saw you give yourself a biscuit after you peed inside. You peed in your water bowl then went into the kitchen ad gave yourself a little round black biscuit.”

Fleegle lifts his head from his pillow. “She’s got you there. I saw it too. You had an Oreo biscuit. It is kind of unfair, Raud.”

“You too, eh?” I say to him.

Franny wiggles her butt and looks at Fleegle. “It seems to me he’s asking us to live by higher standards than he’s willing to live by himself. What’s this called again?”


“So I’m being housetrained by someone who isn’t? Where’s that shoe? I need to chew.”

I tighten the comforter under my chin, finally getting warm. “It’s not time to chew. It’s time to sleep.”

Franny looks at me, her eyes gleaming bright in the light from the lamp on the nightstand. “No it’s not,” she says as she squats. “It’s time to pee.”

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