Chapter 5 – In Training

As Fleegle walks over to where I’m sitting in the backyard, I close the book in my lap and say, “Well, Fleegle, I just finished reading a book on the afterlife by a guy who travels there in out of body experiences.”

“Really? I just finished sniffing Franny’s pee on that rock over there.”

“Not interested, eh?”

“Oh, I’m interested alright. Her pee tells me she’s been getting more treats than me, and some have been hot dogs, the cheap greasy kind I love.”

“I meant in hearing about the afterlife?”

“If you ever find your higher-self I’m sure he’ll be real interested in talking to you about that sort of stuff to your heart’s content, but I’d rather discuss pee. Pee never lies.”

“Franny is getting more treats than you because she’s in training.”

He tilts his head to the side. “In training for what? I bet it’s some sort of hot dog eating contest and if it is you’re betting on the wrong dog for that. I can eat a lot of hot dogs, you watch me, way more than her. A little bowl of kibble makes her belly drag on the ground. No capacity. A single bun will fill her up.”

Franny looks up from the stick she’s been chewing on. “What about the before-life? Have you read a book on that too? Is it some sort of trilogy? Before, present and afterlife? I want to hear about the before part because I’d like to know where I came from. I distinctly remember being able to fly, but now I can barely get this fat belly of mine off the ground when I walk, let alone fly.”

Fleegle eyes Franny’s stick. “You’re confusing flying with the ride the stork gave you to deliver you to Suzie’s house, our breeder.”

Franny sees Fleegle eyeballing her stick. “Stork rides and tales of the afterlife, I’m going to need something more than a stick to chew on to get used to the two of you. Where are the shoes at? A real stinky one will get me through this.”

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