Clancy in Clay

P8230086P8230094 P8230093 P8230092 P8230091 P8230090 Creating dogs out of clay from photos stresses me out. I’ve procrastinated making this one for at least a month. When I began to think of it as a cartoon in clay, I finally relaxed and was able to make it. It needs to dry a couple days before I turn it upside down and hollow it out. I’ve never done the complete dog, body and all, before. I’ve only done just the head, some for hanging on the wall, others for sitting on a table, some with stands, others for sitting on their own. I did a series of them as candle holders also. Making the entire dog presents its own problems of proportion without letting the size of the dog get out of hand. Next comes painting it. Here are the photos I worked from.P7010033 P7010017 P7010025

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