Color Search

This is a color test. It says “Buff” on the bottle. Looks orange to me but we’ll see what shade it dries as. The green thing in the center is a straw for where you hang it on a nail flush with the wall. And you can just make out the outline to the biscuit in the lower left corner. The photo on the right is the natural color of the cement without the color added. What do you all think?

This one is “Brown” and when I tried it before it came out really light, but I skimped on how much I added that time because I wasn’t sure how it might impact the curing of the concrete. Not this time though.

Here they are side by side.

8 thoughts on “Color Search

    1. The ones I paint I paint with acrylics. These are ones that go outside and I’m trying to infuse the cement with the color and not paint them. My hunch is that natural aging and weathering will bring out the details in the cement, whereas paint under the UV light of the sun will fade and flake off and draw attention to what needs to be renewed.


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