Clean Casting

Here is a casting from the pug 2.0 mold. It turned out really well. I haven’t tidied it up yet and it doesn’t look like there is much to do. No drilling out the nostrils on this one. I’ll let it cure overnight, tidy it up and then paint it.

Inside a Pug’s Head

I demolded pug 2.0 and the mold turned out really nice. There are no tiny bubbles from overdoing the application of the release agent this time. I’ll let it cure overnight and then make a hydrostone casting tomorrow.

First Plaster Copy Finished

I finished painting the first successful hydrostone copy. Here it is next to the Plastilina one I’m currently working on. There was room for improvement on the first rubber pug mold so I’m going to make another with this Plastilina pug once It’s done.