Concrete Fleegle

Fleegle gets his own mold. This is a sculpture of Fleegle I’ve been working on. It is a work in progress but it’s getting there. While looking at the photos I realized the tip of his nose is too square but I think I finally got the ears right. When I finish, I’ll make a rubber mold of him and cast it in concrete for the backyard. Fleegle will like that. He’ll probably lift his leg on it.

New Molds 2.0

The ears on the sculptures I made my most recent molds from turned out to be too fragile when casting. I kept snapping off ears when removing them from the mold. Very frustrating. So I re-sculpted the ears and have just poured new molds on two, and I’m waiting on delivery for more Oomoo 30 on Sunday to pour the third.

Inside a Pug’s Head

I demolded pug 2.0 and the mold turned out really nice. There are no tiny bubbles from overdoing the application of the release agent this time. I’ll let it cure overnight and then make a hydrostone casting tomorrow.

The Mold Worked

The mold worked but I messed it up in a couple places when I had to improvise to raise the level of Oomoo 30 when I ran short, but the process taught me a few things to do different with the next dog. And to watch for those air bubbles in the plaster mix.