Candle Wall Sconce – Dog Style

ceramic dog sculpture - boxer mix 1I wanted to keep the depth as shallow as possible since it will hang from the wall, so I made the nose short because the tongue has to stick out a fair amount to hold the little votive candle. So it turned out to be a boxer mix. It will need to be painted and I’m not sure how the paint and the heat will work out. The nose still might be too close to the flame.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASee the whole collection.








ceramic dog sculpture - boxer detail

9 thoughts on “Candle Wall Sconce – Dog Style

  1. What a great idea. Since you were concerned with the nose protruding into the flame what about a pug for a future sculpture? I really love big dogs but pugs are so darn cute. How are you planning on hanging this piece?


    1. With wire as you would a picture frame. I’ll insert two screws in the back and string a wire between them. Then cap the screw heads with rubber to stop them from marking the wall.


      1. I’m using self-hardening clay, Boneware. Once it firms up but before it hardens, is when I’ll put them in. It molds like clay, just not as pliable.


      2. I may just have to try this self-hardening clay. I’ve learned about so many different types of clay by reading other people’s blogs. And thank you for clarifying how you plan on hanging your cool sculpture.


      3. If you do, keep a spray bottle handy. They make Boneware and Stoneware. I have not used the Stoneware yet but from what I’ve been told it is a little less pliable and good for projects that require armatures for internal strength.

        The detail in your work is impressive. You must be a very patient person. I’m getting better at that.


  2. Love it…but I have to say I’d be tempted to paint in a pair of crossed eyes on the dog sconce. There is something about that pup’s expression that calls out for crossed eyes!


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