It Begins

I started the mold making process today. This is the first coat of latex rubber. It takes about 20 coats plus a cellulose thickener. Depending on the temperature I can usually do two coats a day. Then I’ll need to make a cradle to hold the empty rubber mold in place when I use it to make a casting. The cradle for this one is going to be tricky. I’ve used plaster in the past, but this one might have to be part foam. I’ve ten days to figure it out.

Almost Finished

I’m getting close to finishing. What’s left is smoothing out the tool marks and fingerprints. With the heatwave here in Oregon, the plastilina clay is really soft and sticky. I may have to make room in the fridge for it so it’ll harden up for the next step.  

New Pug Head Tilt Figures

These are the first hydrostone castings from the two new “pug head tilt” molds I finished yesterday. Like the others their heads tilt left or right or rest in the center. I’m not sure what to call these two. Right now I just refer to them as “Ooo, look!” Any suggestions?


I finally finished my new molds. This is a Plaster of Paris casting straight from the mold before any clean up. This is the first casting from the mold. I call this one the Panting Pug. Once it finishes curing I’ll paint it. I’ll also make a casting out of concrete to sit outside in the garden. Of all of the pug sculptures, this one looks most like a gargoyle to me, or a pugoyle, as people have called them.