Gnawing the Bone Blog Update

Most everything on Gnawing the Bone is dog related in one way or another but I’ve decided to branch out with another blog under my name, Raud Kennedy, for all the pieces that I write that I feel are worth sharing, this includes poetry, short stories, serialized fiction, photography, and other projects I’m working on. So for the foreseeable, most of my efforts can be found there. I hope you’ll give it a look.

Progress on the Big Guy’s Little Buddy

I’ve made some progress in the past two day on the big guy’s little buddy. I’ve a ways to go to finishing him but the gist of what he’ll look like is there. I intended to make him a little smaller but he kept growing, Are his proportions accurate?

Fat Bike Ready for Dogs and Sand

Fat Bike 1The dogs and I went to the Oregon Coast last Saturday. We road on the sand at Nehalem Bay State Park. Back home in Aloha, I brazed on more water bottle mounts on the forks. Maybe I need to braze on a mount for a water bowl too.

Fat Bike 2

Here is a close up of the Walky Dog for using in crowded areas with traffic between where we park the car and the beach.


Dogs Love the Training Clicker

Kennedy Dog School

I enjoy solving puzzles and earning rewards, so combining the two where I earn a reward for solving a puzzle is a big motivator for me. From a dog’s perspective, learning to sit on cue is the same as me solving a puzzle and getting a reward.

At times our praise while training, our “Good Boys,” lack enthusiasm and sincerity and come out sounding more like repetitive burping than genuine praise for a task completed well. The training clicker takes these same repetitive and monotonous qualities and uses them to full training beaverton oregon 2The sound of the click means a treat is on its way and Fluffy learns this association very quickly. If you’re tired and grumpy, the clicker isn’t. The click always sounds the same and always signifies a treat. The worse that can happen is that your timing might be off and you might teach Fluffy to squat instead…

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Update: Dog-centric Review of the Honda Element

Kennedy Dog School

As the front tires wore down on my Honda Element, they were slipping more and more, especially in the rain. I recently replaced them and it’s a huge improvement. They still slip a little when starting in the rain, but they don’t break free and spin like they were doing.

I installed a free flow cold air intake and filter to replace the stock air box and filter. I initially gained an extra 20-25 miles on a tank of gas before the gas light came on, but it decreased over time and eventually was back to where it was with the stock air box. In the summers though I’ve noticed my gas mileage improving and can only guess that it has to do with the air intake now being placed outside the hot engine compartment.

I replaced the spark plugs a few months back and that improved my gas mileage…

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