Another Journey in Latex

The big guy and his little buddy begin the ten day latex mold build. They just got their first coat of liquid latex and will get approximately nineteen more coats. In the photo, the big guy on the left is a plaster casting that I fixed a few things on that caused problems in mold I made of him. He developed a tear around his tail that this new mold hopefully won’t.


Progress on the Big Guy’s Little Buddy

I’ve made some progress in the past two day on the big guy’s little buddy. I’ve a ways to go to finishing him but the gist of what he’ll look like is there. I intended to make him a little smaller but he kept growing, Are his proportions accurate?

Stained Cement Pug

Having just painted one of these using opaque paints, I thought I would try one using the concrete stains which are somewhat translucent depending on how absorbent the cement is. It’s tricky stuff with no do overs. Once the brush touches the cement, that’s where it’s going, and if I have too much stain on the brush it’s prone to run off the brush and go willy-nilly wherever gravity takes it. I get one shot at it. I’m waiting for it to dry before I put the cement sealer on it. The sealer will make the colors richer and shine, but the stain in general gives it an almost glazed effect as if it was fired in a kiln.