Puggy Bank Prototype


Pug Door Knocker

One of the members of a FB pug group asked me about a door knocker. I gave it some thought and this is what I came up with yesterday. It needs to be painted, of course, but I wanted to test it out before committing all the time to painting it. He’s very solid, and loud, a little louder than in the video.

The washer side of the hinge is cast inside the pug’s head.

Chocolate Pugs

I finished the cradles for two new molds this evening so I could make these castings. The molds turned out true to form, no bubbles. In the photo they are the top and the bottom pugs. These castings are also the result of more color experimentation. They’re wet from getting scrubbed but this is what they’ll look like in the rain. Chocolate pugs. The color is probably more suited for my Labrador, Fleegle.

Almost Finished

I’m getting close to finishing. What’s left is smoothing out the tool marks and fingerprints. With the heatwave here in Oregon, the plastilina clay is really soft and sticky. I may have to make room in the fridge for it so it’ll harden up for the next step.  

Here Comes the Blue Goop

I thought some folks might be interested in seeing some of the steps in the mold making process of the “pug head tilt” sculptures I’ve been working one. The blue stuff is a silicone called Oomoo 30. I just poured these and I now have six hours of anticipation with my fingers crossed that no air bubbles are going to mess them up. I’ve realized that air bubbles are the mold maker’s nemesis.