Concrete Fleegle

Fleegle gets his own mold. This is a sculpture of Fleegle I’ve been working on. It is a work in progress but it’s getting there. While looking at the photos I realized the tip of his nose is too square but I think I finally got the ears right. When I finish, I’ll make a rubber mold of him and cast it in concrete for the backyard. Fleegle will like that. He’ll probably lift his leg on it.

Subject of the Next Mold

I learned a few things from the last mold and I’m going to give it another go with this guy. I tried to make him small be he kept growing. He’s about life-size.pug-candle-holder-1 pug-candle-holder-2 pug-candle-holder-3 pug-candle-holder-4 pug-candle-holder-5

The Mold Worked

The mold worked but I messed it up in a couple places when I had to improvise to raise the level of Oomoo 30 when I ran short, but the process taught me a few things to do different with the next dog. And to watch for those air bubbles in the plaster mix.