Easter Island

When I want to experiment with a new color mix, I cast a head. The head on the far right is the one I cast today. I’m interested to see what it’ll look like in the rain. I could seal it, which would darken it, but it would always look the same, wet or dry, and not show any weathering.

Another Journey in Latex

The big guy and his little buddy begin the ten day latex mold build. They just got their first coat of liquid latex and will get approximately nineteen more coats. In the photo, the big guy on the left is a plaster casting that I fixed a few things on that caused problems in mold I made of him. He developed a tear around his tail that this new mold hopefully won’t.

Progress on the Big Guy’s Little Buddy

I’ve made some progress in the past two day on the big guy’s little buddy. I’ve a ways to go to finishing him but the gist of what he’ll look like is there. I intended to make him a little smaller but he kept growing, Are his proportions accurate?

The Statue of the Sitting Pug Progresses

After layering on the liquid latex morning and night, it was time to get the show on the road and cast the plaster cradle that holds the mold in place when filling it with cement. Here’s the process. The blue tape is so the plaster can be removed in sections and then later placed around the rubber mold when casting cement.

Pug Proportions

I’ve never sculpted the whole pug before, just the heads and faces. This is a work in progress. I’ve only roughed in where things go as I work on getting the proportions right. Proportions come first, then details. Why spend a lot of time on the paw’s pads and claws if it turns out the paw is too small to start with and needs to be sculpted bigger, right? So I ask all of you, how are my proportions so far?